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NeoWolf's Journal

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This is my journal, naturally it follows that if you want to know more about me you could simply read it.

Still, even then I suppose I should put something here to get you even a little interested in doing so. I'm a graduate from UNC-Pembroke with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion; on top of that my minor was computer science. Kinda geeky, eh? Now I'm working at my alma mater and enjoying it quite a bit!

My Wii Code!

4211 8104 3452 6915

Nintendo Wii Friend Codes!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 1934-0320-2013
Animal Crossing City Folk: Mike/#2 4554-3457-7170

Nintendo DS Friend Codes!

Mario Kart DS: 352254-045406

Metroid Prime Hunters: 3050-1320-4069

Lost Magic: 511172036154

Final Fantasy 3: 030153835877

Contact: 1031 7413 4200

Pokmon Pearl: 5069 0403 0277

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